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Media Delivery

How do we want our movies and games delivered?  So many of us love to go to the video store (I think it was called Blockbuster at one point) and pick up and hold the box and read the description and fumble the box in our hands.  Others don’t mind using the electronic movie mover, still known as Redbox, to get our goodies on the release date.

Remember the effort for a disposable DVD that would break down and only be useable for a certain amount of time?  I heard about it, but never saw it.  Or how about letting Apple take over and deliver all of our media via file transfers and downloads?  Can we live with a non-tangible delivery of our media to our computers, TVs, and devices?  We may even be able to get it through the XBOX 360, Wii, or PS3 and have it work all the same.  What will work and be generally accepted?

This goes along the same lines for music and video games.  We get more and more MP3′s and digital downloads for video games as companies cut costs and want QUICKER delivery.  They can always resend a video game or MP3 if needed, and it beats the costs of returns and shipping new discs.  The responsibility lies on the consumer to do a bit more work and preparation for downloads and hard drive space, etc, but it is relatively simple once people have gone through the process a few times.

Where do you see this heading?  Will we be all digital?  Will DVD players and Blu-Ray players be as archaic as the 8 track and vinyl discs?  Don’t even ask kids.  Unless you want a nice throwback story from the parents and grandparents…

Leave your thoughts and insight.  Do you know something the rest of us might not?  We want to hear it!

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