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Movie reviews. Much merit?

Talking-Heads 2
Talking-Heads 2

So as we sit and talk about movies, judge the film, review the film, argue about the film, love the film, hate the film, and so on…do we really ever have anything to say? Or just verbal diarrhea? (Was that a Wanderlust quote just now?)


It would be frivolous to simply say “good” or “bad” and walk away.  If we are all such experts on things, why don’t we give some insight as to what was missing, wrong, or wonderful about the film?  We should be able to give suggestions about how to change it.  We could always identify certain things which bother us about the film making process or the acting.  Well, let’s do that, and then back up our stance with a way to fix it and see if we can find some consensus.


We all like many of the blockbuster summer hits, but were there things to change about Avengers or Batman this summer?  We all hate to love Twilight, but could anything really be done to change our opinions about this series. besides wanting or waiting for it to end?  Why do the smaller B title films usually carry such low box office, yet carry a large number of Academy Awards at the end of the year?  There has to be a way to make ALL movies BETTER.  Let’s work on giving these reviews and discussions some more depth.  This is a challenge i am posing to all of us, self included.

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