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What is happening at the movies?

Maybe this is too soon, but when we are at the theatre, what are the issues we face?  Cost of tickets?  Cost of concessions?  Video games stealing our money?  Or kids…kids playing games, working, and disrupting?  What discourages you from going to the movies?

On another note, what things are improving and making movies come to life?  Is it the option of 3D or standard?  We also have XD and Super Digital/Audio in some theatres.  We also have promotions and discounts or clubs to use and make the movies that much better, in the long run.  There are more and more theatres opening up around the country.  As in the Depression (most are too young to recall any of this old nonsense…) the movie theatre and industry thrived!  There are usually two to three major sources for movies in each community, and most of us have our favorites for whatever reason.  I will take Cinemark’s popcorn, any day.  But the refills on concessions at Regal are nice.  AMC has Stubs, with some perpetual benefits for users to enjoy.  And the variety of lounge chairs, high chairs, cushioned chairs, or moveable armrest chairs are nice to consider as well.

Have you seen any changes lately at your theatres?  More or less services and staff? Higher priced admission or concessions?  It was funny to hear a gentleman at a local theatre cough and say excuse me when he was told the large popcorn was $8.  Some folks cant stomach this concept.  It isn’t cheap all the time.  But we love the movies, every time.

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